William H. Langlois and Sons Dairy and Farm

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    -The dairy is owned by W. H. Langlois and his three sons: Harry, Lou, and Mac.  They own 320 acres about two and a half miles north of Arizona Blvd.  They have 137 milk cows including Durhams, Jerseys, and Holsteins.

    They receive about a ton of milk a day, and takes not only the three sons but several other men to run.  It is the largest dairy in this section of the valley and probably one of the biggest in the whole valley area.

    Mac Langlois is in charge of the cows and the dairy, and believes cows do exceptionally well here and straight alfalfa is the best feed.

    White Spot, the pride of the herd, gives six gallons of milk a day despite being six months prenant.  Other cows give about the same amount which adds up to about a ton a day.

    Mr. Langlois expects in the fall more supply will come in each day.

    The herd is headed by a registered thoroughbred Holstein bull.  The plan is to breed up to the highest productivity possible and weed out the less productive ones.

    The first sixty cows  tested at 4.4, and the second half hasn't been tested.  Butter fat brings in 27 cents a pound, and gets about $8.00 a cow.

    Harry and Lou bought 40 acres of unimproved land last fall and have improved it.  Last March, they planted alfalfa on the land, and is said to be a great stand.  Another 80 gave two tons of hay in the first cutting, and a similar amount on the second cut.  (Chandler Arizonan 7/25/1913)


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